• Mick Shemesian, Mineral Prospector, Knows Where the Resources Are

  • Posted on September 19, 2018
  • Though he’s a mineral prospector, Mick Shemesian is happy to defy the stereotype of a man with a pick and a big hat, carrying his tools on a burro to the canyons of the American Southwest. However, don’t mistake that for Mick being less than one of the most experienced and effective prospectors in the world. During his decades-long career, Mick Shemesian has been lauded by many, and he is now considered an expert in the prospecting field now. Mick’s experience is international, given that he’s searched four continents for the minerals we all need. Mick is not only happy with his job, he is proud to be able to identify, review, and analyze mineral deposits anywhere in the world.

    Due to advancements in technology that use large amounts of mineral resources, there has developed a significant scarcity of some minerals that society needs and uses most often. The maintenance of large stocks of certain mineral resources critically important to keeping the supply and demand steady. The best way to make that happen is for mineral prospectors like Mick Shemesian to do their job well. That means constantly locating new mineral deposits and mapping the reserves.

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